The department prepares its students for careers within diverse urban environments by providing relevant training in the area of administration of justice.


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The mission of the Department of Administration of Justice undergraduate program is to educate students for careers and community service within a diverse urban environment through the development of specialized knowledge and skills needed for effective public service. The Department strives to prepare students not only with facts and concepts, but also, more importantly, to think critically and ethically in applying knowledge to related problems and challenging situations.


The objectives of the Department of Administration of Justice are:

  • Prepare professionals and change agents to serve as future leaders at the local, state and national level as well as globally.
  • To provide students with an understanding of justice agencies in the United States.
  • To prepare students to apply their knowledge of justice theories, research methods, and statistics to the administration and management of justice agencies.


The Department of Administration of Justice has a distinguished faculty with varying research interests including comparative justice studies, domestic violence, policing, prisoner re-entry, race and crime, terrorism and theory. Faculty research provides students with an opportunity to examine recent developments on these and other contemporary justice issues and challenges both in the classroom and the community
The curriculum presents subjects designed to develop competence for employment and future leadership roles for students planning careers in the judiciary, law enforcement, parole and probation, corrections, institutional services, security administration, homeland security, transportation security, immigration and customs enforcement, and other related career areas. The coursework emphasizes administration and management in contemporary criminal justice systems, major systems of social control and their policies and practices, victimology, juvenile justice and comparative criminal justice. The program also uniquely prepares individuals for graduate school and law school. The intent of the program is to assist individuals with their careers or advancement in such agencies by enhancing their professional development through education. In order to foster the academic success of the students, the program merges education with state of the art technology to reach the students and meet their needs.