The mission of the Forensic Science Training Center [FSTC] is to provide education and training for  TSU students traditional and non-traditional to prepare them for careers in the field of forensic science, and to provide training opportunities for current practitioners in the field to expand and update their knowledge and skills. An aspect of the FSTC is it remote and long distance capabilities. The center is design keeps in mind the importance of connectivity.

The Forensic Science Training Center has a distinguished faculty with wide-ranging research interests including drug and alcohol pharmacology, alcohol congener analysis, DNA comparison and analysis, courtroom ethics, digital forensics and firearms analysis and comparison. Faculty research provides students with an opportunity to examine recent developments on these and other contemporary justice issues and challenges both in the classroom and the community.

The objectives of the Forensic Science Training Center are: •Prepare students to serve as skilled forensic scientists at the local, state and national level and international levels.

  • To provide students with an understanding of legal and personal ethics.
  • To prepare students to actively participate in legal proceedings as expert witnesses.

The goal of the Training Center staff is to prepare individuals with facts, concepts, and ideas which will provide the skills necessary to think critically and ethically in applying knowledge to related problems and challenging situations.The curriculum and associated programs of the Forensic Science Training Center are intended to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge related to successful careers in any of the several disciplines of the forensic sciences, including toxicology, friction ridge analysis, digital media forensics, and DNA analysis. The program also prepares individuals for continuing education in graduate school and law school.


  1. Our non-profit organization, AlignUP Kids is hosting a community relations event in October, called Smoothies, Service and STEM. The goal of the event is to rebuild trust between kids and police officers, as well as highlight forensic science careers. We would like to receive information about your facility as a possible location to hold our event.

    Thank you,
    Pauline Miles
    Executive Director

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