Frequently Downloaded Documents

Doctoral Forms:
Doctoral Matriculation Process
Student Plan for Residency
• Recommendation to Candidacy for Doctor of Education
Approval of Dissertation Title
• Request to Schedule Dissertation Defense
Approval for Human, Subject, and Animal
Request for Dissertation Approval of Faculty Committee

Master’s Forms:
Master’s Matriculation Process
TSU Graduate School Degree Plan
Application for Admission to Candidacy (Master’s)
Approval of Thesis Title
Request to Schedule Thesis Defense
Request for Thesis Approval of Faculty Committee
Approval for Human, Subject, and Animal

Graduate Forms (Other):
Graduation Application
Petition for Change of Course
Petition for Change in Academic Status

Transfer of Credit
Undergraduate in Graduate Courses
Certificate of Finance
Recommendation Form
Request to Update Application for Admission

Important Dates
Dissertation Guidelines
Thesis Guidelines