Administration Of Justice (eMAJ)

Program Overview

The online Executive Master of Administration of Justice program (eMAJ) is uniquely designed to meet the growing demand for mid-career professionals working in the area of law enforcement, courts, corrections, or social services.

Teaching Methods
The program is delivered 100% online and is administered through the Blackboard Academic Suites. These platforms include live chats, online lectures, virtual classrooms, and teleconferencing capabilities.

Program Structure
The basic requirements for the eMAJ degree are as follows: five years related work experience, completion of a bachelor’s degree, and two letters of recommendation. There is no GRE requirement for this program. Online eMAJ students must complete 36 credit hours for the degree. The degree is designed to be completed during a one year period of full-time study or two years for part-time study.

For further information, please contact:
Elycia S. Daniel-Roberson
Program Director

Admission Criteria

Applicants must provide:

  1. Evidence of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
  2. Current employment in the field of criminal justice, social services, or related field
  3. An official transcript of all undergraduate course work
  4. A grade point average in all undergraduate work of 2.50 (C+) or better or a grade point average of 3.0 on the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate course work
  5. At least five (5) years of significant experience in criminal justice, social services, or related field
  6. Submission of a typed personal statement essay of 250 words or more stating career objectives, and reasons for desiring admission
  7. Two letters of recommendation
  8. A current professional résumé
  9. Note: The GRE is not required

Transcripts, Payment (if not paying online) and Recommendation Letters should be mailed to:

The Graduate School
Texas Southern University
TSU Box #1254
3100 Cleburne
Houston, TX 77004

Additional documents can also be emailed to our graduate admissions email address at: Please be sure to mail the application fee of $50 check or money order, (payable to Texas Southern University), to the address above. No applications will be processed without payment of the application fee.

Online Application – CLICK HERE to Apply

Curriculum Summary

Core Courses (18)
AJ 500 Seminar in Administration of Justice (3)
AJ 501 Seminar in Administration of Justice/Criminal Justice/Criminological Theory
AJ 502 Research Methods (3)
AJ 503 Seminar in Quantitative Methods I (3)
AJ 504 Race, Class, Gender, and Crime in Administration of Justice (3)
AJ 505 Seminar on Ethics and Administration of Justice (3)

eMAJ Required Course (Thesis Option only) (6)
AJ 788/789 Thesis (6)

eMAJ Required Courses (Nonthesis Option only) (6)
AJ 617 Independent Study (3)
AJ 701 Capstone Seminar in Administration of Justice (3)

eMAJ Elective Courses (Thesis and Nonthesis Option) (12)
AJ 607 Police Administration (3)
AJ 609 Issues in Corrections Administration (3)
AJ 610 Issues in Judicial Administration (3)
AJ 611 Issue in Juvenile Justice Administration (3)
AJ 612 Administrative Law for Justice Agencies (3)
AJ 613 Evaluation Research for Justice Agencies (3)
AJ 614 Issues in Terrorism and Administration of Justice (3)
AJ 615 Seminar on Special Topics in Administration of Justice (3)
AJ 616 Environmental Crime and Administration of Justice (3)

Administration of Justice (eMAJ) Courses

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Administration of Justice (eMAJ) Student Handbook

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