Dr Howard Henderson

Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Administration of Justice
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Howard Henderson is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Director in the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Middle Tennessee State University in 1999 and his Master’s of Criminal Justice in 2001 from Tennessee State University. Howard received his Ph.D. from Sam Houston State University in 2006. He served on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Multidisciplinary Advisory Board for the U.S. Department of Justice Prisoner Reentry Initiative (PRI) Grant. Howard is currently serving as the sub-PI on a National Science Foundation grant examining offender decision-making characteristics through a range of cognitive traits by utilizing an IPAD application. His most recent research has appeared in Criminal Justice and Behavior, Race and Justice, Criminal Justice Policy Review, Criminal Law Bulletin, the Prison Journal, as well as Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. He is the author of the edited More Than Race: Minority Issues in Criminal Justice and the editor of the Journal of Criminal Justice and Law Review. His current research projects are centered on psychometric racial bias within offender behavioral predictive instruments.


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