• How Conditioning on Posttreatment Variables Can Ruin Your Experiment and What to Do about It June 10, 2019
    The AJPS Workshop article “How Conditioning on Posttreatment Variables Can Ruin Your Experiment and What to Do about It” ( by Jacob Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, and Michelle Torres is summarized by the authors below.    Identifying the causal effect of a treatment on an outcome is not a trivial task. It requires knowledge and measurement of […]
    MPSA - Melissa Heeke
  • The New AJPS Editorial Team Starts Today! Here Are Our Four Central Goals June 3, 2019
    By AJPS Co-Editors Kathy Dolan and Jennifer Lawless Today marks the day! The new editorial team at AJPS is up and running. We’re honored to serve the discipline this way and we’re excited about what the next four years have in store. Before anything else, we want to introduce the new team: Co-Editors-in-Chief: Kathleen Dolan, […]
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  • When Diversity Works: The Effects of Coalition Composition on the Success of Lobbying Coalitions May 29, 2019
    The forthcoming article “ When Diversity Works: The Effects of Coalition Composition on the Success of Lobbying Coalitions” ( by Wiebke Marie Junk is summarized by the author below. Teaming up with unlike coalition partners in a lobbying campaign comes with collective action costs and reputational risks. At the same time, coalitions between ‘strange bedfellows’, such […]
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  • Does Direct Democracy Hurt Immigrant Minorities? Evidence from Naturalization Decisions in Switzerland May 29, 2019
    The forthcoming article “Does Direct Democracy Hurt Immigrant Minorities? Evidence from Naturalization Decisions in Switzerland” ( by Jens Hainmueller and Dominik Hangartner is summarized by the authors below. What happens to ethnic minorities when policy is decided by a majority of voters rather than elected politicians? Do minorities fare worse under direct democracy than under representative democracy?  We examine […]
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  • Verification, Verification May 22, 2019
    By Jan Leighley, AJPS Interim Lead Editor   After nine months of referring to the AJPS “replication policy,” or (in writing) “replication/verification” policy, I finally had to admit it was time for a change. As lead editor, I had been invited to various panels and workshops where I noticed that the terms “replication”, “verification”, and “reproducibility” were […]
    MPSA - Melissa Heeke
  • AJPS Author Summary: “Non‐Governmental Monitoring of Local Governments Increases Compliance with Central Mandates: A National‐Scale Field Experiment in China” May 10, 2019
    The following AJPS Author Summary of “Non‐Governmental Monitoring of Local Governments Increases Compliance with Central Mandates: A National‐Scale Field Experiment in China” has been provided by Mark Buntaine: One of the most challenging aspects of governance in China is that policy is made centrally, but implementation is the responsibility of local governments. For the management […]
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  • Our Experience with the AJPS Transparency and Verification Process for Qualitative Research May 9, 2019
    “As the editorial term ends, I’m both looking back and looking forward . . . so, as promised, here’s a post by Allison Carnegie and Austin Carson describing their recent experience with qualitative verification at AJPS . . . and within the next week I’ll be posting an important update to the AJPS “Replication/Verification Policy,” […]
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  • AJPS Author Summary: How Getting the Facts Right Can Fuel Partisan Motivated Reasoning May 8, 2019
    "Across these experiments, I found that while partisans updated their perceptions of the national economy in the same way, they attributed responsibility in a highly selective fashion, crediting their own party for success and blaming other actors for failure."
    MPSA - Melissa Heeke
  • On Manuscript Preparation, Salami-Slicing, and Professional Standards May 2, 2019
    By Jan Leighley, AJPS Interim Lead Editor   One of the most challenging (and potentially mind-numbing) tasks that occurs in the inner sanctum of the editorial office is the veritable “technical check.” Even mentioning this work might trigger some unpleasant memories for colleagues who previously served as graduate assistants for AJPS editors over the past several […]
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  • Paths of Recruitment: Rational Social Prospecting in Petition Canvassing April 1, 2019
    In the following blog post, the authors summarize their American Journal of Political Science article titled “Paths of Recruitment: Rational Social Prospecting in Petition Canvassing”:  When U.S. Representative Gwen Moore (D-WI) prepared her 2008 reelection bid as Wisconsin’s first black member of Congress (representing Milwaukee’s 4th Congressional District), her campaign faced the task of gathering nominating […]
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  • Child Drag Queen’s ‘Creative Gender’ Celebrated On Estrella TV June 25, 2019
    Add Spanish-language Estrella TV to the disturbing list of media outlets that have decided to celebrate, rather than critically report on, one of the latest societal aberrations being promoted by the Left: child drag queens.
  • Stephanopoulos, Bruce Justify 'Concerned' Dems Refusing to Fund 'Dire' Border Facilities June 25, 2019
    On Good Morning America Tuesday, the ABC news team behaved as if they were Democrats’ collective lawyer, trying to defend and justify the reasons why Democrats won’t funder border detention facilities. After fretting over the poor conditions at these detention centers, congressional correspondent Mary Bruce and anchor George Stephanopoulos went out of their way to defend […]
  • Why Is Ex-Fox Newser Carl Cameron Joining a Leftist Attempt at a Drudge Report? June 25, 2019
    For decades, Carl Cameron was a top political reporter for Fox News. But now he says he left because "right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation." He said this in a promotional video for a new partisan left-wing website called Front Page Live, which hopes to be the "antidote" to the Drudge Report. […]
  • NBC Treats Trump’s Ideas as ‘Big Ideas’ Coming From 2020 Democrats June 25, 2019
    Throughout NBC Nightly News’s two-week-long propaganda project for the 2020 Democratic field ahead of the first debate, a couple of the candidates actually suggested some half decent and probably generally supported ideas: fighting drug addiction and ending the practice of regime change overseas. These ideas tend to transcend party. So much so that these were […]
  • Futuristic British Family Saga: Trump Spends Final Days in Office Nuking China June 25, 2019
    BBC One’s limited series Years and Years tells the story of the Lyons family living in the United Kingdom between 2019 and 2034. Episode 1, which premiered in the United States on HBO on June 24, quickly shows us that President Trump will be reelected in 2020, but ends with the vision of Trump having […]
  • ABC, NBC Hype Pelosi: Trump 'Scaring the Children of America' With ICE Raids June 25, 2019
    President Trump reportedly called off last weekend’s planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids as part of a strategy to ratchet up the pressure on congressional Democrats to change the country’s asylum laws. But Monday’s evening newscasts of ABC and NBC gave the credit to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) because she claimed she told the President […]
  • NYT Editorial Writer So Lame on Immigration That Trump-Trashing David Frum Objected! June 24, 2019
    On Ari Melber's MSNBC show, Mara Gay, a member of the New York Times editorial board, argues that the US should admit Central Americans fleeing "domestic violence." David Frum rebuts, saying the asylum system is designed to address cases of individual governmental persecution, not people's personal troubles. He also refutes Gay's claim that violence is […]
  • Starz Show: Vigilantes Terrorize Business Owners with Protest Over Gentrification June 24, 2019
    A group of vigilantes, Los Vigilantes, in an eastside Los Angeles Latino neighborhood is not happy that the large outdoor mural on the side wall of Vida’s bar has been replaced with a Mexican beer ad. In the June 23 season two finale of the Starz show Vida, titled “Chapter 16,” the group targets two […]
  • NBC Supports ‘Dark Money’ Out of Politics, Free Speech Restrictions June 24, 2019
    Sunday’s edition of the NBC Nightly News Democratic-propaganda campaign featured the so-called “Big Idea” from Montana Governor Steve Bullock, despite the fact he failed to meet the requirements to make it onto the first primary debate stage. Bullock’s “Big Idea” was “ending dark money spending in our elections” and to crack down on the First […]
  • Madonna Poses With Virgin Mary Statue in Lace Bra and Fishnets June 24, 2019
    Madonna seems to enjoy showing off her ignorance of Christian beliefs. Last week, the self-proclaimed “Israelite” singer asserted that Jesus would be pro-abortion. Last night, the “Like A Virgin” singer posted a picture of herself -- wearing nothing but a black lace bra and fishnets -- with a statue of the Virgin Mary on her […]