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Dr. Kristopher Chrishon

Dr. Kristopher Chrishon: hails from Washington, DC. Dr. Chrishon has been at TSU for 4 years. Prior to coming to TSU and BJ-ML SPA, Dr. Chrishon was an Assistant Professor and Director of Academic Assessment for the College of Pharmacy at Xavier University. After leaving Xavier, Dr. Chrishon joined TSU and worked at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law as the Coordinator of Assessment. In 2016 Dr.Chrishon Joined BJ-ML SPA as the Director of Student Support Services.

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Ms. Ebony Cockrell

Ebony Cockrell: Prior to joining BJ-ML SPA, Ms. Cockrell served was an academic advisor at the University of Houston Downtown for 2 years. Ms. Cockrell has been a academic advisor at TSU for 2 years all at the School of Public Affairs. Besides her academic advising duties Ms. Cockrell also serves as an advisor to The NAACP Student Chapter here on Campus

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Mr. Eddie Bebley

Eddie Bebley- Is the senior advisor in BJ-ML SPA. A native of Alabama. Mr. Bebley has been at Texas Southern University for 8 years. Prior to joining BJ-ML SPA, Mr. Bebley was an admission/recruitment counselor for the office of admissions. He has been an advisor in the BJ-ML SPA for 3 years now.

Who Are We?

The office of Student Support services is here to help facilitate student success at the Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland School of public Affairs by complementing student academic development. Our primary function is to provide accurate and timely advisement to SOPA students. An important piece of our advisement model is to ensure that we instill in students the fact that ultimately responsibility for their success lies within students. Beyond advisement our office offers a number of workshops and professional development activities meant to buttress the academic development that occurs in the classroom. For example, we offer workshops in stress management, nutrition, graduation preparedness to name a few. We also sponsor professional development workshops. Each Fall, we sponsor a SOPA week series that provides workshops on skills like how to dress for success, the importance of networking, and developing your social media presence . The week culminates with a job fair with employers from both the public and private sector.  A listing of upcoming workshops and events is available on our Student Information Tab.

University Counseling Center

We understand that while the college experience can be exciting, it can also be stressful. Demands on time and deadlines for term papers and exams are all a part of being a college student, and that is just the academic side. There may also be issues in your life pertaining to family, friends, roommates, romantic relationships, and financial situations. For some students, a therapeutic relationship can provide insight and guidance concerning such issues….

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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports are structured competitive and recreational sports and activities designed for all students, faculty and staff at Texas Southern University. The program features on campus team and individual competition in a variety of sports. All IM Sports offer men, women and co-rec divisions for each sport offered. All TSU intramural participants must have an active IMLeagues account to participate in intramural activities….

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