Welcome Address From the Dean

Welcome to the School of Public Affairs and thank you for your interest in who we are and what we do.

As public administrators and educators, we have a special responsibility and obligation to help make governments work through objective and thoughtful education and implementation. We are, I believe, at an inflection point in history that requires as public administrators to be more than just the glue that holds our system together. We must invest our intellectual capital in making government ‘great’, as Jim Collins as described it.

Peter Drucker once wrote, ‘the world changes every fifty years’.

In 1957, we had Sputnik and the first piece of federal civil rights legislation since the 1800’s. In 2007, as Thomas Friedman points out in his book, ‘Thank You for Being late’, we started a new technology revolution. That ‘acceleration’ is changing both education and public administration.

These ‘forces of change’ will shape us as John Sharp once called them, or we will shape them for the betterment of our students, communities and humanity.

I would like us to focus on the latter. Let’s shape the change to help make things better. We have work to do and in times of chaos, there is opportunity.

I encourage you to explore our webpage, consider degrees and programs well suited for you and plan to visit our campus.

We Must Lead!

Dr. Michael O. Adams
Dean, BJ – ML School of Public Affairs