Release of EJSCREEN – EPA mapping tool for Environmental Justice


After a year of public engagement and hundreds of outreach events to collect feedback from stakeholders, we are proud to announce the release of the latest version of EJSCREEN<> – EPA’s screening and mapping tool for environmental justice – which has an abundance of new features! All of the new enhancements in the tool were requested from public users like you! A few of these are:


  • Inclusion of the National Air Toxic Assessment environmental indicators for cancer risk, respiratory, and diesel PM;


  • scalable maps, that summarize data at the Census block group, tract, or county-level;


  • new layers such as parks/green spaces and unemployment rates;


  • the ability to save sessions and print maps from the home screen;


  • a side-by-side view that allows you to look at different datasets simultaneously; and


  • inclusion of data for Puerto Rico.


Learn more about the tool in Check out EJSCREEN 2016<> by Matthew Tejada, EPA’s Director of Environmental Justice,and make sure to register for one of our upcoming webinars so that you can learn more how the new features in the tool!